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Email notification application b2 Notifier ( Adobe AIR - Windows/Mac/Linux ) tells you when you have a new email message with slick animations and a full message preview. It has multiple GMail and RSS feed support, animations, detailed information popup window, scheduled checking. It is a worthy successor to the popular b2 GMail notifier, and it offers the same (and more) functionality for FREE.

b2 Notifier is brand new, but look what people said about it's predecessor b2 Gmail Notifier:

  • "If you're in the market for a slick notification application for a single Gmail account, [b2] Gmail Notifier is probably an application you're going to want to try."
  • "[b2] Gmail notifier is quite unique in its way of showing new mails."
  • "A Cool Email Notification App For Gmail Users."
  • "Presenting something in animation will be funny and eye catching."
  • "[b2] Gmail Notifier is a funny way to check new emails."
  • "It’s quick, productive and a blessing if, like me, you don’t ever want to get late in responding to urgent emails."
  • "Do you want to get notified about emails through a fancy animation? If yes, the B2 Gmail Notifier is your best bet."
  • "There are lots of desktop programs to update you when a new message lands in your Gmail inbox. But none is as cool as the B2 Gmail Notifier, with its custom animations and sneak previews..."

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