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Animated Facebook Notifier for Events - HOWTO

Did you know that you can use b2 notifier to get notifications about your facebook events? The setup process is very simple ...

v1.0.5 beta Critical fix for Mac OS X

v 1.0.5 beta of b2 Notifier Animated Desktop Notifier is here! It contains a critical fix for Mac OS X. The bug - fixed by this version - have prevented the application from running on many machines with Mac OS X ... I apologize for the problem, and hope that you'll give the application another shot ;) You can download/install the new version from here: .

New Free Animations... Happy Holidays :) !

New Free Christmas animations added :) Happy Holidays!

b2 Gmail Notifier's successor: b2 Notifier is finally here :)

The new version of [b2] Gmail Notifier is finally here :) It's called b2 Notifier ... I had to remove GMail part, because of the lawsuit :) … Just kidding: I have removed the Gmail part, because the notifier became something more than just a notifier for gmail messages - it's something much more universal now.

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