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b2 Gmail Notifier's successor: b2 Notifier is finally here :)

The new version of [b2] Gmail Notifier is finally here :) It's called b2 Notifier ... I had to remove GMail part, because of the lawsuit :) … Just kidding: I have removed the Gmail part, because the notifier became something more than just a notifier for gmail messages - it's something much more universal now. For now it contains notification plugins for Gmail and RSS, but I have plans of adding support for all the popular services, so hopefully the application will become richer over the time (my list of possible extensions are quite long, but if you have an idea which service should be supported - please don't hesitate, drop me a mail )

You have been constantly asking me about the new version, bombing me with requests and ideas in the past 2 years (some of you have event donated a few dollars, for which I’m very thankful), and what started as a weekend hobby project became a whole application – It graduated from the b2 Labs, I could say. Thanks for positive critics, for ideas and support.

The application now comes in two forms: a free one (which offers the same or even more functionality than the old b2 gmail notifier), and a premium one, which offers some additional features, plus access to all of animations in the animation library. For the feature comparison see the comparison table. I put a lot of effort to keep the application completely free, but from the experience of the past two years, I realized that if I want to make a quality product, and if I want to make the animation gallery richer, then I need some source to support it – on the other hand, I did not wanted to take the free version from the people who love and use it every day. I really hope I succeeded to find the middle road: offer a feature rich free version, and set an acceptable price for those, who what all the features, animations + want to support my work.

Thanks for choosing b2 Notifier!

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