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Privacy Policy - site

We may collect personal information, including email addresses, when individuals register to use the website and services, post a link to the website or submit questions, comments or bug reports. We may also, at times, collect our users' IP addresses and information regarding our users' use of our website and services. We may use such IP addresses to help diagnose problems with our servers, track movement within our website and, if necessary, deny service in accordance with our Terms of Service. We may also collect information related to the referring URL, access times and browser type. Unless required by law, we will not share our users' personal information, Internet Protocol (IP) addresses and usage information, except with their consent or in aggregate or anonymous form, with third parties.

In order to offer and provide optimized and personalized services, we use cookies to store and sometimes track information about our users. A cookie is a small amount of data that is sent to a user's browser from a web server and is eventually stored on a user's computer hard drive.

Our services give you the opportunity to opt-in to receive communications from us. We will never automatically send you information/offers you do not want. You must choose to receive them.

b2 Notifier - application

b2Labs respects and protects the privacy of individuals who use b2Labs' products, including the [b²] Notifier. When you use the Notifier, b2Labs does not collect or store any personal information.

The only software that comes with the [b²] Notifier is the program needed to install the application. We HATE Spyware too!

Periodically, the Notifier contacts b2Labs servers to see if you are running the most current version ( If necessary, we will automatically provide you with the latest update to the Notifier. ), to verify the validity of the registration or to display ads in the free version. When the software contacts b2Labs server, it passes a random generated string, which serves only statistical purposes, and does not contain any personal data.

The Notifier briefly stores small bit of text from the first few lines of your unread messages in temporary memory on your computer, or in some cases in the 'encrypted local store', which is accessible by the software itself but the software does not transmit any sensitive/personal data back to b2Labs servers. A persistent encrypted local store is available for each AIR application installed on a user's computer. This lets the application save and retrieve data that is stored on the user's local hard drive in an encrypted format that cannot be deciphered by other applications or users. A separate encrypted local store is used for each AIR application, and each AIR application uses a separate encrypted local store for each user ( more info ). reserves the right to modify all or some of this Privacy Policy at any time without notice. We will use information only in accordance with the Privacy Policy under which the information was collected unless we have received explicit authorization from the appropriate user ( s ) to do otherwise.

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